Friday , 27 May 2022

STA to host trans and intersex training opportunity


transThe Scottish Transgender Alliance, in partnership with the Equality Network, will be hosting a Trans and Intersex Equality Training Seminar in Edinburgh on Friday 31 October.

It will run from 9.30am until 4.30pm, at the John McIntyre Conference Centre.

Scottish Transgender Alliance is a recognised training provider on trans and intersex equality and human rights. The training seminar will provide a day of training on the legal rights of trans and intersex people, consideration of the ongoing development of equality policy and advice for employers and service providers in relation to best practice application. STA have advertised the seminar as “clear, practical, easy to understand and enjoyable” and have affirmed its suitability for “participants of all levels of prior trans and intersex equality knowledge”.

This training will be delivered by trans and intersex people from across the UK who have a good understanding of the legal aspects in addition to practical experience of the issues and inequalities experienced by their community. There will a particular focus on facilitating equality in service provision, with reference to current research and users’ experiences. There will also be useful sessions on avoiding common mistakes and responding to the specific needs to trans and intersex people, as well as non-binary people more generally.

The seminar should be particularly useful for those who are interested in developing their skills in resolving the difficulties trans and intersex people often face. It would be of particular use to employers, HR managers and service providers seeking to become more inclusive or create a more trans/intersex-friendly working environment – but it would also be of relevance to any professionals with an interest in equality issues more generally.

Places cost £80 per person, although there are a number of limited free places for those who are members of either the Dumfries Action Group, the Glasgow Action Group, or the Edinburgh Dynamic Diversity Group. Bookings can be made via the STA website.

The seminar is being held as part of the three-day Trans and Intersex Conference of the Isles, which is, according to the STA website, “focussed on empowering and connecting trans people and intersex people, along with their partners, families and friends, through workshops, evening entertainment, taster sessions and other activites”. It will provide opportunities for networking with trans and intersex people from across the UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Further information about the weekend conference can be found here.

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Andrew Page
Andrew is KaleidoScot's sports editor and photographer. An experienced blogger, Andrew was raised in the Hebrides and currently lives in Renfrewshire. Andrew became an active equality campaigner at the time of the Section 28 debate, and has particular interests in faith issues and promoting LGBTI equality in sport. Andrew was shortlisted for the Icon Award's 2015 Journalist of the Year.

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  1. Hi can you why the free places are limited to specific groups ? Thanks

    • James Morton

      The Dumfries Action Group, Glasgow Action Group and the Edinburgh Dynamic Diversity Group are all part of the work of the Equality Network's Intersectional Project which is funding those free places.

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