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SSP highlights LGBT asylum, pension rights and education

Scottish Socialist Party
Scottish Socialist Party

The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) emphasises pension and asylum rights for LGBT people and strong anti-prejudice policies.

It also calls for complete devolution of all equality related legislation to Scotland.

The party set the following policy pledges:

“Guaranteed long term funding for community projects supporting LGBT people, under direct democratic control of service users, with full transparency and accountability.

“Educational projects in schools and colleges aimed at eradicating homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and isolation.

“The strengthening of civil partnership legislation to full equality with marriage, including religious ceremonies.

“Measures to tackle rural LGBT isolation through funding outreach and support projects across Scotland.

“LGBT officers for local authorities, with secure funding for LGBT projects.

“Full implementation of anti-discrimination laws in provision of goods and services, including hospital visitation rights for partners.”

With regards to campaigning for non-devolved issues:

“Full recognition of homophobic persecution as a legitimate reason to seek asylum, equal immigration rights, ending the two year co-habitation rule and granting leave to remain to LGBT asylum seekers.

“Equal pension rights, including survivors’ rights for all pension schemes.”

Sandra Webster
Sandra Webster

When asked by KaleidoScot why SSP have mentioned LGBT rights in their policies but not the manifesto, party spokesperson Sandra Webster told KaleidoScot: “In hindsight we should have put specifics in our manifesto about our LGBTI community but for this general election anti-austerity is key.”

“I take your point on the chin, however LGBTI rights are at the heart of our party and we have members who campaign for LGBTI rights.”

When asked why the intersex community were not referred to within policies Webster replied: “we are aware of the intersex community and it is something as a party we are learning more about. We welcome new activists to the party and are always looking towards progress and equality.”

The strong human rights aspect from within the leftist party say they support the EU Convention on Human Rights but remain constant that the undemocratic process on electing commissioners is far removed from their ethos.

About Anne Kane Austin

Anne Kane Austin
Anne Austin is a 39 year-old Glasgow based mature Journalism graduate looking on the brighter side of life. Her interests include LGBTI rights, human rights, animal welfare, politics and comedy.

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