Wednesday , 22 May 2019

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  1. Although I stopped attending church few years ago, I’m very disappointed in these sanctions imposed upon the American Episcopal church. As a Florida Episcopalian I was always proud of the Church’s liberal outlook so am sad to see this schism grow wider. I’m glad, however, to see Scottish Church showing support.

  2. “People in Scotland rarely take kindly to being told what to do by decisions made south of the border. ”

    That is tendentious. It is wrong for Holdsworth to speak as though this is an English-Scottish fracas or a Union-Scotland fracas. Yes, the meeting took place in England, but the participants were archbishops from all over the world.

    • Andrew Page

      He was not referring to the meeting, but to what may happen in the future in relation to the SEC’s potential decision to allow clergy to conduct same-sex marriages (the SEC last year voted, in pinciple, to support a change). Certainly, the SEC wasn’t told to do anything by the Primates on this occasion.

      I think that Holdsworth is suggesting that the SEC is likely to remain committed to this course irrespective of what the rest of the Anglican Communion may say – and particularly in relation to the SEC’s relationship with the Church of England. (I think the Columba Declaration, and the SEC’s unhappiness with it, is reflected in his words here.)

  3. If I were a lawyer/attorney-at-law, I’d be supportive of this decision as being technically correct and all, vis a vis the old testament and God’s angry period. But, all in all, its not a Christian position to take. Certainly not one that is supported by Christ’s words, the God made man who came to clarify God’s meaning. Or at least those words that are recorded in the New Testament – the source of Christianity since the beginning of the Christian Era. Or maybe I just don’t understand the spin that “educated” clergy can put on a simple sentence “love thy neighbor as thyself”. Must be my error. I didn’t realize it meant “unless they don’t behave properly, as I define properly”. (What a bunch of hypocrites these priests are! Both those who claim to know the mind of God with respect to His creations, and those who bow before bigotry in pursuit of comity.)

  4. Why are we allowing the conservative African prelates to impose their very Protestant view of Truth on the whole Anglican Communion?

    The Protestant view has been that Truth is found in (a particular interpretation of) Scripture; the Catholic and Orthodox view has been that it’s Holy Scripture as interpreted by Holy Tradition. We Anglicans have long revered Scripture, Tradition — and REASON. Why are we now allowing those dinosaurs to force us to view everything through a Protestantized lens?

  5. what anglican communion did is the best for the church we cannot allow few people to destroy the body of christ while we are watching

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