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Proudly Trans International exhibition comes to Edinburgh

Uganda's Victor Mukasa
Uganda’s Victor Mukasa

Proudly Trans International exhibition, a unique one day exhibition coming to Edinburgh, explores African and Turkish transgender people’s lives and activism through art.

In Africa and Turkey, as in many parts of the world, transgender people face extreme danger and challenges both in their personal lives and in their activist work.

Acclaimed South African artist, Gabrielle Le Roux, uses collaborative art processes as creative interventions for social justice. In Proudly African and Trans, the dedication of trans activists is showcased through portraits and narratives. One of these is Victor Mukasa, Ugandan LGBTI human rights defender, whose words beautifully capture the vision and intention of the artwork:

“Transgender Africans have been silenced for a long time. We have been invisible as though we did not exist. Today, many of us speak, we show our faces, we write and we express ourselves openly. This exhibition is an extension of that. The portraits are our images and they speak our words, they tell our stories, they express our feelings, they exhibit our pride, even our fears, they are our history, they are us today and the history of the African transgender struggle in future. They are strength, hope and pride to generations after us.”

Following the creation of the Proudly African and Trans portrait series, Gabrielle Le Roux was funded by Amnesty International to create a further collaborative portrait series: Proudly Trans in Turkey. Transphobic hate crime is prolific in Turkey, with at least 37 murders of trans people since 2008 and dozens more attempted murders. Just earlier this month, on 2nd May, four trans women were nearly killed in separate knife and gun attacks during a single night. Yet despite facing the worst trans murder rate in Europe, trans activists in Turkey remain defiant, articulate and proactive in campaigning for their human rights. In addition to their portraits, the exhibition shares their personalities and views through short films.

To mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia on Sunday 17th May, the Scottish Transgender Alliance and Equality Network are hosting a unique one day exhibition of both Proudly African and Trans and Proudly Trans in Turkey. Gabrielle Le Roux will be in attendance to provide guided tours of the works and introduce the films. There will also be a variety of workshops exploring the themes of the artwork throughout the day.

Please join us to recognise and celebrate the diverse people who are proudly trans and fighting against transphobia in many different and complex environments.

Sunday 17 May 2015
12:00 – 16:00
City Art Centre, 2 Market Street, Edinburgh

For the full event programme and to book for tours and workshops:

About James Morton

James Morton
James Morton is the Manager of the Scottish Transgender Alliance. He has been a trans equality activist for over 15 years and played a key role in securing fully transgender inclusive hate crime legislation for Scotland in 2009.

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