Monday , 27 January 2020

X and Y – A play that puts the T in LGBTI


X and Y is a play about a  transgender woman’s life chapter between the Commonwealth Games in 1986 in Edinburgh until the recent Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014.

A brand new addition to the Scottish stage, X and Y tells the stories of another two LGBTI people from Jamaica and the Maldives, which are also Commonwealth countries.

The first viewing of the play was held in the former Pride House Glasgow. Over 50 minutes, it covers some very strong topics, though it is put together in such a way that everybody can enjoy the experience. It’s the story of Natalie Scott, of a gay man from the Maldives and of a lesbian woman from Jamaica.

The stories are lightly sprinkled with comedy to bring the overall character of the play together, displaying Natalie’s impressions and attitude toward life and friendships since certain events occurred. With a realistic and casual approach to telling the stories, it benefits from actors who portray the characters well and take an emotional interest in each story the others are telling. The dialogue is swift, which allows the production to smoothly get its messages across.

The play does have multiple messages, although the main one would be, ‘no one person is too different from another’. You may come across a part of each story that you can relate to regardless of whether or not you identify as part of the LGBTI community.

The lack of artificial lighting and sound helps exaggerate the themes and messages addressed in the play. With its humor, tear jerking moments and the shock factor within the individual stories, the play can be a source of entertainment for every kind of person.

Finally, the general idea of a trans person’s place being widely accepted in the LGBTI community is challenged and you might just find yourself adjusting your thoughts and opinions on the issue.

The playwrite, Mark Jeary of the New Room Theatre, has also written plays addressing alcoholism, LGBTI rights and other strong themes. He has brought productions into communities, schools and festivals all around Scotland. The New Room Theatre’s X and Y is bound to hit a nerve and spark thought about LGBTI rights around the Commonwealth.

A very well put together production overall, X and Y is easy for everybody to enjoy!

About Jonathan James Leslie

Jonathan James Leslie is a young journalist who enjoys writing about current LGBT affairs and events, he also regularly writes about home improvement, technology, traveling, health and food. Aside from journalism, Jonathan has had careers in both the hospitality and IT industries, Jonathan started working as a chef at the young age of fifteen and gained a good deal of knowledge surrounding food and health. Jonathan has also worked as a junior web developer giving him a reasonable understanding of technology and programming. Jonathan does however, also write short stories and is currently in the process of writing a gay-themed novel trilogy. He also enjoys spending time surfing Tumblr. He is also a freelancer, who writes blog posts and articles online. Outside the world of work, Jonathan is often seen around the bars in Glasgow, with his partner who is a chef.

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