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Philipp Tanzer (Logan McCree) interviewed

Philipp Tanzer
Philipp Tanzer

Philipp Tanzer, more widely known as Logan McCree, has moved from his native Germany to the far northwest of Scotland, making his home in the small Sutherland community of Durness. David Downing ventured north to meet him.

What was it that made you decide to move to Scotland and how have people adjusted to having a gay porn actor in their midst?

I recognised Germany wasn’t my future and the moment I touched Scottish soil it immediately felt like home. After a horrible article about me in the Mail on Sunday I thought things might be difficult but, I have to say, there have been no problems whatsoever.

KaleidoScotYou are best known as an actor in gay porn movies. What appealed to you about that as a career?

It’s quite funny that you say I’m best known as a porn actor. It’s true, but it’s really such a small part of my life. When I was German Mr Leather people asked me if I was going to start doing porn but I didn’t like the way those movies portrayed sexuality. Then, years later, I got talking to someone I knew who was already a porn actor and it was through him that I got introduced to Raging Stallion. I’m fascinated with sexuality even though, in reality, I’m not a very sexual person, but, as a job, I thought it might be interesting.

You have head to toe tattoos. When and why did you get the tattoos?

I started getting my tattoos when I was 18. I felt the full-body tattoo would reflect my feeling of alienation as well as representing my perception of being both a warrior and an angel. The next tattoos I’m going to get are huge wings down to my Achilles heels and each wing will have seven feathers, standing for the holy virtues.

You don’t identify with a particular religious orthodoxy so how did you define your personal spirituality?

Faith was something I was born with so I have always been a very spiritual person. I tend to call myself Christian, and use Christian terminology, because I grew up in a Christian society. Yet I feel connected to every single religion, or at least what lies behind them, because, to me, they all seem to derive from the same source and believe in the same thing: that everything is connected.

Philipp Tanzer UDL2You don’t drink alcohol, smoke, or take drugs. You’re also a vegetarian and a pacifist. What made you adopt these values?

I think limitations are a very important part of society, spirituality and life, and that anybody who thinks he’s free lives in an illusion. I enjoy limits because they give us stability and allow us to achieve greater things because they enable us to focus. My values themselves developed based on my inner feelings, my conscience. When it came to being a vegetarian I felt killing things was wrong and, as for not drinking alcohol and not taking drugs, it’s not so much about my body, it’s more about my keeping my mind clear.

You said you’ve always felt very much outside of the gay scene. How do you define your own sexuality?

I never felt part of the gay scene at all, ever. There are just so many things I don’t have in common with it. Every once in a while I would dive back into it but, by the time I left, I would feel completely empty. When I was a teenager I called myself asexual, then I called myself asexual tending towards men, and then I started to have relationships with women, and at that time I didn’t call myself anything. It wasn’t until I was 27 that I actually started to feel OK with gay sexuality.

It seems that LGBT people are becoming more integrated within general society. Do you think the normalising of sexual and gender diversity is a good thing?

Here in the Highlands we have almost no option but to integrate so people just have to learn to accept and get on with each other. But I absolutely believe that every person is multisexual, if we all just get rid of the definitions and limitations we impose upon ourselves and each other. I think we change every day: everybody is everything.

So does that suggest sexuality is a choice?

I would say yes, but even though I think we can change our sexuality, it doesn’t mean we should. I don’t know if we are born gay or straight or become socialised that way, but I do think that, at a certain point, we subconsciously put ourselves into a box. Why do we have to limit ourselves? If someone asks me if I’m gay, straight or bi, I usually just answer: “I’m Philipp”.

David Downing

The full interview with Philipp Tanzer can be read in issue 2 of UnDividingLines magazine.

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  1. Philipp seems to be an exceptual charming, spiritual and sensitive man. Sort of an Underground Punk that performs poetic Little Plays in the Gay Leather Scene and widely too commercially orientated Porn Scene. Some of his films may seem hard, too hard for some of us maybe, but you always can learn something about the practics the Scene uses. And that in the most refreshing and sweet way… I find his performance very interesting and inspiring for myself and feel blessed by being one of his newer fans. I hope so much, he soon will find someone, who gets deeply connected to his Soul and Body and is able to built up real Trust to feel really comfortable in whatever sort of relationship. I wish him to find a home in someones truly, deeply and madly loving heart…

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  5. This guy is such a gigantic Aunt Felicia (gay Uncle Tom). For years, he marketed himself as strictly gay, and expounded on how much he loved sex with men and the gay scene. Then, after making a living off gays and putting himself through school with that money, he suddenly announces he’s “decided” to have sex with a woman… again. Bam! He’s straight again and moving to Scotland with the little woman where he happens to have a massage therapy practice. Sayonara, fags! I don’t need you anymore. Only it didn’t work out so neatly, and now he’s back to pandering (on the internet) for our attention and our cash. So he’s decided sexuality is a choice and his fluctuates (as financial need dictates). I’m not buying it, Mr. Tanzer! You’re not some luminous being who’s achieved true spiritual enlightenment. You’re just another gay-for-pay porn star who can’t finance the life he wants without the queer bucks that made him.

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