Friday , 23 August 2019

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Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

LGBTI activism, started by Ulrichs, is today a 149 years old

On the 29 August, 1867 LGBTI activism was born when a journalist and jurist publicly ...

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  1. I am pleased to read the comment “medical authority at the expense of the personal autonomy of an intersex individual.” John Money’s legacy has survived him to reappear in the so-called ‘consensus’ document’ and the outdated paternalism of relabelling intersex with the pathologising ‘DSD’. The term ‘disorder’ is a word integrated into medicine and in most instances it does not carry the same social implications as it does when applied to a section of society who have worked hard to break free from the socially divisive, scientifically inaccurate term ‘hermaphrodite’.

    Although the intersex community was not involved in drawing up the final version of the Consensus statement, we were assured by the consensus group that the newly minted term was for clinical use only. This betrays a degree of naivety which one does not usually associate with individuals who represent the top 10% of human intellectual potential. Thus, the worst fears of intersex people and their families have been confirmed. All the world and his wife (including the NHS) make free use of the term, completely ignoring the overwhelming criticisms of those who see real people still struggling against society’s quest for ‘perfection’ rather than abstract ‘patients in need of treatment’.

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