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I was kicked out of a club for a lesbian kiss, alleges student

The student said she got kicked out of The Hive Club due to homophobia
The student said she got kicked out of The Hive Club due to homophobia

Edinburgh University student, Abi Rigg , claimed she was asked to leave The Hive club after a bouncer spotted her giving a kiss to another girl on Wednesday night.

The Hive however claims they have not received any complaint from Rigg and will be checking CCTV footage to see if the incident was due indeed to the bouncer’s homophobia or inappropriate behaviour by the student.

The management appealed for Rigg to get in touch with the club to help them carry out an investigation.

The first year Theology student told the Edinburgh Tab she was asked to leave because a girl complained she was being aggressive when trying to kiss her.

Rigg however said in her defense that the girl in question “had just asked me to go home with her.

“As a gay girl in a straight club I am incredibly sensitive to this and would never force myself on anyone.

“Unless she has some secret language with the bouncers, I don’t know how this would have happened.

“Clearly he didn’t know quite why he wanted to throw me out or hadn’t had time to think of a good enough reason.”

She then said she approached another bouncer outside: “I was out in the smoking area just thinking that I could get back in so I was calming down – obviously I was quite angry.

“I tried to get back in and tried to talk to another bouncer about what had happened and about why I’d been chucked out but they weren’t having any of it. They kept telling me I was being aggressive.

“I said: ‘of course I’m being aggressive, you’ve just chucked me out for no good reason’.”

“Nothing like that has ever happened to me at a place like that.

“You do come across the occasional person who has an issue with it but that’s just their prerogative and they don’t really know much.

“I’ve never come across a club or a pub or anything like that treating me that way.”

A spokesperson for The Hive told KaleidoScot: “Obviously I couldn’t possibility yet comment on the particularities of Rigg’s allegation as we have not yet been able to examine all the CCTV footage from that night.

“We have not yet received any formal complaint from Rigg and I urge her to get in touch with us, to help in the investigation.

“I am very much surprised about the allegation because many of our staff identify openly as lesbian, gay and trans and we have a zero tolerance policy towards homophobia and transphobia.

“We will examine the CCTV footage to determine whether indeed this was a homophobic incident or she was asked to leave due to inappropriate behaviour.”

Rigg however told KaleidoScot she did make post an email complaint to The Hive and has so far not got any response.

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  1. sounds like someone just wants their two minutes of fame. It's people like this that give gay people a bad name. You were tossed out and happen to be gay, not because you were gay. The countless straight people put out on the same night were not flung out for being straight but were put out for being divs.

    Wouldn't surprise me if they look at CCTV and she was totally inappropriate and aggressive and put out like anyone else would be.

  2. I've been here many a times and I'm openly gay and haven't been put out – probably more to do with her aggression than her sexual orientation

  3. This article is homophobic and I think because you have said alleged you don't believe the woman and you don't therefore she is a liar

  4. You need to be honest about it and tell us you don't believe she was barred because she is gay … Why not because she tried to kiss a str8 lady?

  5. I know one of the door staff and he said she was asked to leave because she made another patron feel uncomfortable by kissing her and then not leaving her alone. The other girl complained and when door staff approached her she became abusive and started saying they were being homophobic.

  6. There's always some asshole with a lack of self-awareness who doesn't realise they deserved to get ejected from a venue who then screams "discrimination". Hive it one of if not the most LGBT friendly place in Edinburgh that isn't exclusively a gay bar. This is a prime example of taking your getting chucked out of a club a step too far.

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