Tuesday , 5 July 2022

Invisibility – My Transgender Day of Visibility

Cathleen Lauder
Cathleen Lauder

Invisible to the world: What strange words to explain my experience of Transgender Day of Visibility 2015.

Yet, that’s what it has been as I have stayed in my flat having a pretty lazy day, and I am proud of that fact. Some readers of this may be horrified that I just stated that, but I assure you, don’t be.

Today, not long after waking up at 7am, I went back to bed I napped all morning and got up around lunch time, made and ate my lunch and then spent the afternoon I epilated my long legs while watching a longer movie.


Because in less than two months I have had a somewhat a  rollercoaster ride with a series’of personally life-changing events took place: I legally changed my name; started hormone replacement therapy; updated my medical status from male to female umpteen; and other official things related to this; oh, and I also found time to move to a far more central area of Edinburgh, and the past week was rather busy for me, so today, I designated would be a (very) lazy day for me.

I then got a request for an article from my editor to mark this important day in the international Transgender calendar and I thought, “yeah, my day today, might give an, oddly, intriguing insight into the life of the average transwoman.

Tomorrow however, I am heading through to Glasgow for another auspicious occasion – I am going to hand in my passport application to the Passport Office. My application is in my new name and gender. So tomorrow, I’ll be making another vital step towards my end goal, and

So, to say that I am excited about that, is a massive understatement, it means that I can now live my new life in the gender I should have been born in.

As it stands, I am no shrinking violet and thanks to my actions tomorrow, I shall become even more visible to the world.

About Cate Lauder

Cate Lauder
A graduate of Bournemouth University’s Scriptwriting for Film and Television course, a produced writer of 4 short films and a stage play. Edinbrugh based Cate is an all-rounder media lass, who has done just about everything in showbiz. She is also a transsexual woman, a lesbian, and notoriously cheeky.

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