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Helpline for LGBTI survivors of sexual violence launched


Victims of sexual violence from Scotland’s LGBTI communities will be able to seek specialist support from a new helpline set up by Rape Crisis Scotland.

The service, which is also extended to friends and families, is to be launched tomorrow 19 February, and will offer LGBTI survivors an additional opportunity to get support responsive to their experiences from specially trained support workers.

Rape Crisis Scotland National Co-ordinator, Sandy Brindley said: “We know that LGBTI survivors can experience unique stresses following sexual violence, which can make it even more difficult to report what has happened to them or to come forward and seek help.

“With our new resources and helpline service, Rape Crisis Scotland is taking proactive steps to overcome these barriers

“We want to highlight the fact that our support is fully inclusive, and able to respond to all survivors, whatever their gender identity or sexual orientation.”

The new service will operate on Mondays and Thursdays between 7pm and midnight. The number to call is 08088 01 03 02.

To complement the new helpline, Rape Crisis Scotland has also produced an informative leaflet, developed in consultation with LGBTI survivors and partner organisations Scottish Transgender Alliance, LGBT Youth Scotland, and LGBT Health & Wellbeing.

James Morton
James Morton

James Morton of Scottish Transgender Alliance said: “Rape Crisis Scotland’s new resource and helpline service are really important ways of reassuring LGBTI people that they will receive inclusive and empathetic support.

“Our research indicates that trans people are at particular risk of sexual assault as a form of transphobic hate crime and often fear further humiliation if they seek help.

“Intersex people are born with physical bodies which are not clearly male or female and are at particular risk of childhood abuse trauma from coercive medical interventions on their genitals.

“Feelings of shame about having bodies which vary from societal expectations can hinder intersex people from seeking help.

“Rape Crisis Scotland’s work demonstrating their awareness of these issues will hopefully encourage more survivors to reach out for support.”

Brandi-Lee Lough Dennell of LGBT Youth Scotland said: “LGBT Youth Scotland welcomes the publication of the LGBTI Survivors of Sexual Violence resource.

“Since lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are often missing from public messages on abuse and violence, they may not recognise their experiences as abusive.

“This resource includes important information on concerns relevant to LGBT people and makes it clear to those who have experienced sexual violence that they will be understood and supported.”

The Rape Crisis Scotland helpline is open from 6pm to midnight, seven days a week on 08088 01 03 02. ‎

If you have any enquiries about the new resource and service please contact Sandie Barton on 0141 331 4187 or Eileen Maitland on 0141 331 4181 or email

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  1. The construction of rape as "men's violence against women" has marginalised lgbti people for far too long – and it is still going on in, eg, domestic abuse services – well done Rape Crisis for becoming a little more inclusive even if it has taken them a long long time.

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