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Glasgow pair admit to homophobia based attack

Calvin McLelland and James Knotts
Calvin McLelland and James Knotts

Glasgow pair admit in court that their attack, targeting a gay couple, was motivated by homophobia.

Calvin McLelland and his pal James Knots, aged 20 and 16, have admitted carrying out a homophobic attack on 25 year-old Dillon Jeffreys and his 19 year-old partner Connor Sullivan in August 2013, according to the BBC.

They also used homophobic slurs with the onslaught resulting in Jeffreys requiring stitches on his head as well as sustaining a fractured skull. Sullivan was severely bruised.

McLelland punched Jeffreys and as he fell to the ground Sullivan moved to defend his partner but unfortunately also suffered at the hands of the attackers.

Plain clothes police officers who were attending a near-by incident saw the attack and although the attackers ran off they were later located.

Lawyers representing the attackers plead in their defence that their clients’ memories were “hazy.”

McLelland’s lawyer, Laura Anne Radcliffe, told the court that her client had somewhat of a “hazy” memory of the confrontation although he admits to punching Sullivan and attacking Jeffreys.

Knot’s lawyer, Neil Kilcoyne, expressed that his client also had a “hazy” recollection of that August evening’s events.

Sam Cathcart, Sheriff at Glasgow Sheriff Court deferred sentencing until March and both accused remain on bail.

McLelland bragged on Facebook that he’s out on bail and has four weeks to party.

KaleidoScot has observed that McLelland has previously used twitter, just before his attack, expressing homophobic views.

Have you experienced homophobic abuse and/or attack in Glasgow? If so we would like to hear from you. Please contact

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  1. Judging by these photos, the haze obscuring the assailants' recollection of events was likely the volatile fumes of their evening tipple.

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