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Charlie Hides asks: Glasgow Free pride an acute case of “KneeJerkitis”?

Charlie Hides
Charlie Hides

We catch up with Charlie Hide who just launched a video posing some questions for Free Pride organisers who said they wanted to ban drag artists from their event (see below).

For all those those who have been on planet Uranus for the past decade, Charlie Hides is a celebrity impersonator, stand up comedian, Royal Television Society Award and has been entertaining audiences around the world for more than two decades.

Charlie Hides answers a few questions from KaleidoScot regarding Glasgow Free Pride.

KaleidoScot: So what do you make of Glasgow’s Free Pride decision to ban drag queens?

Well, it’s their party so they can invite who they want to perform but the logic behind their decision to NOT invite “self identifying drag queens” from performing is ridiculous, contradictory and knob headed!

KaleidoScot: Any plans to gate crash the event? 

Sadly, I’ll be in the middle of the Mediterranean on an Atlantis Gay Cruise, they aren’t threatened by my caustic wit and subversive attire.

KaleidoScot: Glasgow Free Pride says they want to protect marginalised people and help create a safe space, do you think they have anything to fear from drag queens?  

LOL, yes, fashion critiques.   I can assure you, Drag Queens are marginalised and dismissed all the time…  What infuriates me about the ban is their logic…”SOME cis drag hinges on the social view of gender…making it a joke”  so they ban ALL “self identifying drag queens” from performing…   They could have had auditions and chosen drag acts that sing or do celebrity impressions or do magic….  to lump ALL drag queens into one category because “some” mock the social view of gender is ridiculous. The fact that Glasgow Free Pride doesn’t spot the epic hypocrisy in their own carefully worded statement is worrying.

KaleidoScot: Do you not feel marginalised and repressed?  Or more seriously, drag queens aren’t exactly embraced by corporates, the establishment, etc… aren’t they?   

I don’t feel repressed because I have a big mouth, I’m able to articulate my thoughts and feelings in my work and on social media and I have a platform that reaches around the world.  I do however, resent being pigeonholed and dismissed because of what I wear to work. Drag IS becoming more mainstream, but I often face the assumption that ALL drag queens are exactly the same…  that’s like saying ALL actors are the same or ALL entertainers are the same… there are tap dancing queens, lip syncing queens, stand up comedy queens, celebrity impersonating queens, opera singing queens…   and some of them are also trans….  DRAG is a huge umbrella term in the same way that “comedian” is….    Chris Rock, Sarah Milligan and Billy Connolly are all comedians but have VERY different acts.   Ru Paul, Bianca Del Rio, Panti Bliss and I are very different performers.   I’m shocked that the University educated organizers of Free Pride need this explained to them.

KaleidoScot: Any tips for Glasgow Free Pride?  

Yes, they need to get a sense of humour….    Sadly, they may have good intentions, trying to provide a safe space for all but they’ve made themselves the joke! The contradictions in their statement are spectacularly obtuse.  They say that people of any gender are welcome to attend dressed however they want, while at the same time saying, a few people in attendance might be questioning their own gender and the sight of an irreverent drag queen on stage might somehow cause offence so we won’t be taking that risk.   It’s extreme “KneeJerkitis”

KaleidoScot: How did the breakthrough through youtube and meeting celebrities come about?  

As well as doing stand up comedy, sketch comedy and performing as original characters, (Kandi Kane Baxter and Laquisha Jonz)  I often include celebrity impersonations in my live shows. When I started uploading celebrity based comedy sketches to YouTube they quickly went viral and the celebs I was impersonating started to contact me.  Its a bit surreal to know that Madonna, Gaga, Cher, Kylie etc are watching me on Youtube impersonating them….  I’ve now played over 70 different celebs on Youtube and the vast majority of the messages I’ve had have been supportive and gracious.

KaleidoScot: Any Scottish connection(s)? 

One of my oldest and dearest friends lives in Edinburgh and I love visiting her when ever I can, I LOVE the city and performed at the Fringe Festival several times.  I’ve also performed at the Stand comedy club in Glasgow and enjoyed my visits there.   I’d love to visit again soon with my new CHTV show…hint hint…

Watch Charlie Hides take on Glasgow Free Pride


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  1. The joke is that there would not be any Pride if it wasn't for Stonewwall Riots. And the drag queens were there fighting for our rights! It's all about freedom and respect.

    These folks want to take us back 50 years…..when in a club was raided a lesbian could be arrested if she wasn't wearing 3 items of women's clothing…..
    Learn OUR history……

  2. Just FYI, last question hasn't been formatted in bold, and has a typo in 'dearest'

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