Tuesday , 20 August 2019


Charity Champions: who will you nominate?


  An awards scheme for the charitable sector is asking Scottish LGBTI people to nominate deserving causes, organisations and individuals.   The Charity Champions Awards, which are supported by digital strategists We are AD, were created to celebrate and reward the work being done across Scotland by people within Scotland’s third sector.   The awards’ organisers have partnered with the ...

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Alan Cumming: Scots “disrespected” by Westminster


  Actor Alan Cumming has claimed Scottish people have been “disrespected and s*** upon” by Westminster in the months following the independence referendum, reports The Sunday Herald. The Cabaret and Good Wife star, and advocate for LGBTI rights, made the comments on Saturday following a ceremony in Edinburgh in which he received an honorary doctorate from the Open University. In ...

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Germaine Greer: Transwomen are “not women”


  The BBC has reported today that prominent feminist academic and author Germaine Greer has said that transgender women are, “not women”. She has justified this statement by her opinion that transgender women do not, “look like, sound like or behave like women”. As a transwoman and feminist I reject her words utterly and deplore the potential harm with which ...

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Aberdeen man shares bloodied Facebook picture after homophobic attack

Alexander Lees

A man from Aberdeen courageously shared his experience of a homophobic attack after having been brutally assaulted for being gay. Former Cults Academy student Alexander Lees posted two pictures on his Facebook profile along with a status recounting the homophobic attack, which has now gone viral. Alexander was violently attacked by two guys in Aberdeen’s Nox nightclub, just after midnight, suffering a ...

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Anti austerity LGBTI group formed in Glasgow


Activists and allies involved in Scotland’s LGBTI+ community have formed an anti-austerity collective to raise awareness of the impact of the government’s policies on its members. FIST (Fight Injustice Stand Together) was formed in response to the impact of austerity on the LGBTI+ community and on wider society, and the dismantling of the welfare state. The group is holding a public ...

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World Medical Association votes new transgender guidelines

World Medical Association

The World Medical Association (WMA) has issued new guidelines for physicians to increase their knowledge, respect to, and sensitivity towards transgender people and the unique health issues they face. The WMA which represents well over ten million physicians worldwide has adopted guidelines these guidelines at a meeting in Moscow on Sunday. The delegates from nearly 60 national medical associations adopted ...

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University launches campaign to tackle “casual” discrimination


  A new campaign to combate discrimination among staff and students has been launched at Glasgow University. The campaign, known as Full Stop, is targetting bullying and intimidation of all types, but is particularly highlighting the ways in which “casual” comments – those which are not necessarily designed to be abusive – can still have significant impact and should be ...

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Released killer given second life sentence

Glasgow High Court

A man convicted of killing procuator fiscal depute Marshall Stormonth in 1994 has been found guilty of fatally stabbing a pensioner within a year of being released. Steven Ryan, now aged 43, was released from a life sentence early last year for the murder of Mr Stormonth – a crime that, at the time, stunned Scotland. On Tuesday, in Glasgow’s ...

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Scotland’s next census may ask Scots about their sexuality

Scotland's Census

  Sexual orientation may be included in Scotland’s 2021 census for the first time, in order to combat discrimination and promote equality. The plans which are now being considered by the Scottish Government were previously absent due to concerns about personal privacy and “public acceptability” surrounding the topic, reported The Independent. The change was suggested by the body responsible for the census, ...

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Trans activist wins top prize at Icon Awards

The ICON Awards

A celebrated transgender activist has won Scotland’s first Icon Award. Big-hearted Jennie Robertson, who for many years has volunteered to offer support to trans people in what are often very challenging circumstances, was given the top award at the flamboyant ceremony in Glasgow. Jennie was “absolutely delighted” with the recognition, but insisted that “the main thing” is to continue supporting ...

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