Sunday , 19 January 2020


UK HIV Self Test Kits go on sale

The first officially licensed HIV Self Test Kits in the UK have now gone on sale. The kits, manufactured by BioSure, have been approved last month after legislations were amended to legalise self-testing. This blood-based test is, according to BioSure, is 99.7 percent accurate, and carries the ‘CE’ European quality assurance mark that represents approval by European quality testers. The ...

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HIV breakthrough: New treatment and possible vaccine

HIV-1 budding (in green) from cultured lymphocyte

An initial groundbreaking research shows a promising new antibody treatment reduces 300-fold HIV in positive people’s bloody system. The newly created antibody by a team of top US and German scientists suppressed HIV in the blood without any harmful side effects for up to a month, revealed a new study published in the journal Nature. The antibody, named 3BNC117, was ...

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Transgender Pioneers – not a cruel experiment


Following the screening of BBC Two’s broadcast of Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids, the media reaction since has been predictably polarised. Almost uniformly stemming from a position of prior ignorance or downright bigotry, Brendan O’Neill’s contribution in The Spectator is a prime example of intolerance masquerading as intellectual critique. If Mr O’Neill reads this countering article (by a transsexual) I hope ...

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Lack of understanding of ageing LGBT population is cause for concern


Concerns over consideration of LGBT people in social care have recently been raised by The Guardian, with the newspaper has describing the 1.2 million elderly lesbian and gay population as ‘the invisible population.’ A new project is highlighting the requirements of the older LGBT community with the objective of discovering the best ways to provide support. The National LGB&T Partnership, ...

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National Gender Identity Clinical Network launched


Today the National Gender Identity Clinical Network for Scotland (NGICNS) was launched in Glasgow, aiming to improve and coordinate gender identity clinical services for trans people across the country. Scotland will lead the way when it comes to gender identity throughout the UK, working in coalition with many gender identity organisations that will bring together full services under one network ...

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To mark World AIDS Day Scotland lit up red


This year more than 80 buildings and landmarks too part in the Light Up Scotland campaign and have turned their lights red across Scotland to mark World AIDS Day and remind the nation that HIV and AIDS have not gone away. It is estimated there are 4479 individuals in Scotland living with HIV, 3734 are attending for specialist care and ...

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George Valiotis – HIV Scotland: What Do We Do

George Valiotis

In an exclusive video-interview KaleidoScot’s, Andrew Page, interviews George Valiotis, who explains his ogranisation’s role regarding policies, research and also highlights issues pertinent to World Aids Day 2014, and in particular to Scotland. The campaigner explains how research and grassroots needs guide HIV Scotland’s understanding of issues relating to HIV in Scotland, and in turn shapes the charity’s work on ...

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World Aids Day Scotland: Time to act, not just talk


Today is World AIDS Day, a time of reflection about the impact of HIV infection and the related pandemic has had and still continues exert. This should propel us, and above all our legislators, to act, not just talk. Despite remarkable advancements, such as better mortality rate than other viruses, such as Hepatitis C, providing anti-retroviral medication, HIV is treated ...

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World AIDS Day: What Scotland can do


Today we mark World AIDS Day. Much has been said about the state of the global pandemic, and the need for a renewed understanding widening access to HIV testing and early treatment. KaleidoScot’s own Dan Littauer has already asked the question; ‘Scotland, what will you do about HIV?’ Let me give you my answer. Education. But I would say that, ...

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Scotland, What Will You Do about HIV?

What Will You Do?

In an unprecedented move, for World AIDS Day (Monday 1 December), charities, campaigners and health boards from across Scotland have joined forces to ask Scotland ‘What Will You Do’ about HIV – the virus that when left untreated can lead to AIDS. The campaign is asking everyone in Scotland, from individuals to politicians, to think actively about what they can ...

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