Tuesday , 18 January 2022


The World According to Jo Clifford, Queen of Theatre, Part I

When you first meet Jo Clifford, the thing that impresses you most about her is the mellifluous, gentle, soulful and often mischievous voice. Once you get to know her, you find it is not how she speaks that electrifies you, but what she says. Her words are always deeply considered, impassioned and thought provoking – and regularly playful This is ...

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Voting for democracy in September

Scottish Secular Society

There’s a very good reason why we should vote Yes in September. It’s such a biggy I’m surprised nobody has thought of it…! We are voting to become a democracy. Yup! That’s right. Because we’re not one: We are a theocracy: A bit like Iran where important decisions are left in the hands of unelected clerics. In our case 26 ...

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Affirmation Scotland – seeking to create a more inclusive church


The Rev Lindsay Biddle is a character more colourful than the rainbow flag. A  writer of hymns, blogs and novels, and a Presbyterian minister, Lindsay has experienced first-hand the humanity-diminishing effects of segregation while growing up in the Southern United States. Now ordained by the Presbyterian Church (USA) – which has recently declared its support for same-sex marriage – Lindsay ...

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Jamaica: rising to the challenge


Among those countries currently competing in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Jamaica has received some of the worst press in regard to its record on LGBT rights, but is this fair? We talked to Jamaican activist Latoya Nugent, who works with J-FLAG and is confident that things are getting better. “Jamaica has been characterised by the international media as the ...

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Patrick Harvie on the legacy of Pride House for Glasgow and the world

Patrick Harvie

I catch up with out bisexual MSP Patrick Harive, co-convener of the Scottish Green party, during a visit to Pride House Glasgow. As we talk about the vast array of events taking place at the house, as well as view the exhibition running on LGBT People of the Commonwealth, I ask Patrick a few questions. What kind of issues do ...

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Scott Cuthbertson on equality in action

Scott Cuthbertson

Unsurprisingly, Scott is feeling the strain of the last few days, but he’s upbeat about the work being done. “The biggest thing for us was the conference,” he says, referring to last Friday’s gathering of activists at the University of Glasgow. “We agreed on a statement which was a call to action for activists around the world working together to ...

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Taking Pride in being part of a gay family

Nicola Page

What does Pride mean? People from all walks of life are becoming more and more involved in Pride events, including heterosexual couples, banks, political parties and religious groups. One straight person on the march this year was a lady named Nicola Hunter Page. I asked her a few questions about her background and what Pride means to her. I asked ...

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Sporting bodies: accounting for the intersex


The announcement last week that an Indian sprinter, Dutee Chand, has been forbidden from competing in Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games because she has high testosterone levels has highlighted a problem that sport can’t see to shake. Although our whole society is built around a binary division of sexes, it’s in sport that it really comes to the fore – and so ...

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