Wednesday , 22 May 2019


Belief Matters ….Or Not? Remembering All War Dead!


Remembering All Those Who Died in Wars and All Unknown Soldiers “Lechol Ish Yesh Shem” – “Every Man is given a Name by God” Today we will be remembering our war dead, all those brave men, women and civilian victims who lost their lives in all the wars since and including World War One (WWI). Members of the Armed Forces, ...

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The Edge of Arabia – Ahaad Adulaziz Alamoudi


  Ahaad Adulaziz Alamoudi is a Saudi Arabian artist who grew up in England. In this interview she discusses her religion, her heritage and what inspires her artwork. Growing up in the UK has greatly influenced her artistic concepts.   What does the Mud in “Ana” (me) represent? The Mud represents human beings. In my artwork I want to portray the ...

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Scottish Trans Muslim woman attacked in broad daylight in public view


An assault on a Muslim Scottish trans woman, in broad day light with the public passively looking, highlights the need for support to LGBTI Muslims in Scotland, argues Tehmina Kazi. “Why are you taking my picture? “Why are you taking my picture?” A Scottish male with a khaki baseball cap and black jacket hisses at the camera, swinging a kick at ...

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Belief Matters ………… or Not?


Belief Matters …. or Not? Here at KaleidoScot, we’ve decided we would try out a new idea – to look at different Belief systems, Faiths, Traditions and Customs. Alongside this, we may look at different forms of Spirituality and ways in which people connect with their inner souls or spirits. Some of the questions we could try to address are ...

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Pope Francis: denying same-sex marriage licences is “human right”

Pope Francis

  The Pope has stated that government officials have a “human right” to refuse to carry out a duty on conscience grounds, such as issuing marriage licenses to homosexuals. Reuters reports that Pope Francis made the comments when he spoke to reporters after returning home from a tour of the USA and Cuba. During his time in the States, His ...

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Priest suspended following harassment claim

St Aidan's Church

  A Catholic priest has been suspended from his post after the church received a complaint that he harassed a former altar boy. Father Frank King, 50, who has been serving as the parish priest at St Aidan’s Church in Wishaw, was reproached by the Bishop of Motherwell after Tony Moore, now 29, alleged he received a number of inappropriate ...

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Catholic Church “must apologise and support” abuse survivors – but is it enough?


  The Catholic Church in Scotland has been advised that it must make an “unmistakeable and unequivocal” apology to survivors of abuse. The recommendation was made by an independent review, commissioned to respond to a number of abuse claims in the aftermath of Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s resignation – including those surrounding a Catholic boarding school in Fort Augustus. O’Brien had ...

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Same-sex wedding blessed in Dundee Cathedral


A gay couple have had their same-sex wedding blessed at a ceremony in St Paul’s Cathedral in Dundee, the first of its kind to take place in the historic church. Paul Hastie and Steven Gray were married recently in Dundee’s registry office but, being Christians, also wanted their union celebrated in church. The Scottish Episcopal Church agreed to bless their ...

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Rev Donald Caskie – “a gay abroad”


The Rev Donald Caskie is largely remembered for his incredible efforts to enable over 2,000 Allied military personnel to escape from Occupied France during World War II, but he was a more complex figure than the popular heroic image in which he has often been cast. Born in Bowmore on the Isle of Islay in 1902, Caskie never appeared to ...

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