Friday , 27 May 2022


Church of Scotland same-sex marriage vote set for narrow victory

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  A vote on the acceptance of ministers in same-sex marriages is set to win the support of a narrow majority of the Church of Scotland’s presbyteries. The Kirk’s 45 presbyteries have been voting on whether to allow individual congregations to appoint clergy in same-sex marriages and, with only two results to come in, 25 have voted for the Church’s ...

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Belief Matters…Or Not: “Fear Not” – Non-Judgment Day is Coming!


We all think we are familiar with the Biblical Christmas story – we’ve all been to school nativity plays and heard the familiar, oft-recited tale of Angels and Virgins, Kings and Shepherds. And yet, in truth, it is difficult to make sense of the Christmas story – or, rather more accurately, the confusing and sometimes contradictory birth narratives contained within ...

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Belief Matters…or Not? Hanukkah: A Festival of Freedom from Oppression


From the Hanukkah Project Gallery 2010   In this current climate of unrest, civil war and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of indigenous people from their native land (in this case Syria) and a flow of thousands of refugees to many areas of Europe, our thoughts turn to the people who have had to flee from oppression, leaving behind ...

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St Andrew – a saint who stood up for minorities?

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  Today is St Andrew’s Day, a day in which many us take a great deal of pride – including our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who has today claimed our patron saint was a champion of minorities and the oppressed. But how did St Andrew come to be associated in Scotland, and what lessons can be learned from his life ...

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Belief Matters…or Not? The Christmas Gift: Liberation


  An imperialist tyrant instructs his staff to ensure everyone travels to particular locations to be counted, thus causing serious problems for many people. One couple, a blue collar worker and his pregnant wife, are forced to travel to a distant town, during which time they are not earning any money. After a long and difficult journey, they find there ...

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Belief matters…or not? What is faith to an atheist?


  It’s commonly perceived that atheism is a lack of faith. That a person has no deeply held beliefs. Even that spirituality is wholly lacking from the atheist’s life. Nothing could be further from the truth. The lack of a, ‘big beard in the sky’, is no impediment to faith, belief or spirituality. For instance there is something that could ...

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Caithness minister backs equality and rejects homophobia

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A Caithness Church of Scotland minister has criticised his presbytery’s decision to oppose the appointment of ministers in same-sex marriages. Rev John Nugent, who is minster of Wick St Fergus Church, said: “I object strongly to the language used by some people at the presbytery meeting.” He added: “Injustice and inequality have become the norm for people in same-sex relationships. ...

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LGBTQI Issues in Religion and Faith – Sikhism and Hinduism


It would seem that there are differing opinions regarding homosexuality within both Sikh and Hindu religious traditions. The more strict attitudes appear to have arisen more recently than the original times of the establishment of these Faiths. In Sikhism the Guru Granth Sahib indicated that this was a matter of personal conscience. In Hinduism gender issues were mostly accepted as ...

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Belief Matters ……………. or Not? Diwali – “Festival of Lights”

Diwali Celebrations Diwali is being celebrated this week by members of the Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist Faiths. We wish everyone a Happy Diwali! Diwali (or Deepvali) is the celebration of a “Festival of Lights” in the dark Autumn months. Similar festivals of light are celebrated by other Faiths which will see in a few weeks’ time. Diwali marks the ...

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A gay Muslim speaks: Why I left radical Islam

Sohail Ahmed

  Sohail’s story is a contribution to the Peter Tatchell Foundation’s on-going LGBT-Muslim Solidarity campaign, where it gives a platform and voice to LGBT Muslims and ex-Muslims. I was born into a devout Muslim family in East London. My mother wears the niqab and my father keeps a long beard. Both my parents are fundamentalist Salafi-Wahhabi Muslims. I was brought up ...

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