Tuesday , 18 January 2022


Flee the City – Nikolai Tolstyh

Nikolai Tolstyh

We catch up with Nikolai Tolstyh who is a Russian artist and craftsman who is re-defining the art of the stencil. Nikolai uses photography to capture detailed paper silhouettes within nature. His work often depicts animals in their natural environments. I spoke to Nikolai about his work and influences.   KaleidoScot: What inspires your work? I am always looking for inspiration in nature. The colours, ...

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10 minutes with Conchita Wurst


  Conchita Wurst needs little introduction. The 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Winner became an instant inspiration for the millions who took to heart the message of Rise Like a Phoenix – and the respect and tolerance at the heart of her performance. Indeed, Conchita has become something of an icon for LGBTI communities across Europe and has performed at several ...

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Macbeth – Beautiful But Bleak

Michael Fassbender in Macbeth

Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth is beautiful but bleak and in parts very oppressive. With missing plot details and an incredibly vulnerable Lady Macbeth, the film relies perhaps a little too heavily on visuals to keep the audience engaged. Macbeth, of course, is the story of a fearless warrior and inspiring leader brought low by ambition and desire. A thrilling interpretation of ...

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SQIFF opens tonight in Glasgow

Campbell X

The first ever Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF) opens tonight at CCA, Glasgow. Opening night highlights include a fantastic selection of short films on queer identity- from LGBTI Muslim groups to ‘straight acting’ footballers- Whose Identity Is It Anyway? at 6.30pm and the UK Premiere, attended by the director and cast, of Dyke Hard, an outrageous Swedish battle of ...

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Making Music of Nature – Bartholomaus Traubeck

Bartholomaus Traubeck

Bartholomaus Traubeck is a German artist born in 1987. He explores patterns within nature and creates inspiring installations. In this interview, Bartholomaus talks all about his beautiful artwork – specifically the musical piece, Years. Can you describe your work, what interests you creatively? I look into the inner workings of things, be it media, music or natural phenomena. Trying to understand ...

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To Kill a Machine in Need of a Heart

To Kill a Machine, a new full length play written by Welsh writer Catrin Fflur Huws about the life of Alan Turing.

Director: Angharad Lee

Scriptography Productions

Dress Rehearsal

May 5 2015

©keith morris
07710 285968
01970 611106

Scriptography Productions’ To Kill a Machine written by Catrin Fflur Huws is a study of the life of Alan Turing – the man who broke the code for Nazi Germany’s Enigma encryption machine while working at Bletchley Park. However, his staggering life time of achievements quite rightfully took a backseat as it focused on the man behind all of that. ...

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Oscar Wilde Behind Bars

Wilde Without The Boy

Wilde Without the Boy is Director Gareth Armstrong’s intense dramatisation of Oscar Wilde’s famous letter, entitled ‘De Profundis’, to his on/off lover Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas, which was composed during his incarceration in Reading Prison and it stars Olivier Nominee Gerard Logan. The stage is sparse, bar a desk, two chairs and stationary. Wilde wears period smart casual attire, his ...

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Glasgow fashion brand goes unisex

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 21.19.09

Abandon Ship, one of the coolest fashion brands made in Scotland, taking inspiration from its designs, took on a bold, innovative and very smart decision to make part of its collections entirely unisex. Friends Richard Davies and Duncan Sweeny established the Glaswegian streetwear label in 2011, and have since then created a “cult” of hardcore fashion followers around the globe. ...

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Nice Girls, great songs, awkward script


  Behind the Line’s production of All the Nice Girls was a very charming show, with two great and charismatic leads in the shape of Ali Child and Rosie Wakley and fantastic songs with audience participation that tells the intriguing story of variety artists from a century ago to the time variety acts fell out of fashion around the 1940s. ...

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Trans Scripts Transcends Expectations

Trans Scripts (Pleasance Courtyard)

  My expectations and excitement before going into the review Trans Scripts, or – to give it it’s full title, Trans Scripts, Part I, The Women – were high to say the absolute least. But I was also very nervous, suspecting it might pander too much to a mainstream audience and skip over all of the key challenges faced by ...

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