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Camp Cooks are out to fill your buns in Glasgow

Camp Cooks in action
Camp Cooks in action

If you’re about and about in Glasgow, make sure you swing by the Camp Cooks mobile ‘drag diner’ at the Merchant City Festival for delicious food and entertainment (comes as a package).

With their Airstream, the Camp Cooks team say it is the star of their show.

Wynnie La Freak, the Camp Cook’s head cook, was trained as a chef in Yorkshire. After working in several high-class restaurants and hotels throughout London, Wynnie opened an outside catering business, with clients such as the mayor of London and even some royalty, besides the many queens fans.

Owing to health and financial reasons, Wynnie took up a more nomadic lifestyle and thus Camp Cooks was born. Wynnie was joined by Lucy Lush, Cleo Taurus and Tina Turnoff and now they travel around the United Kingdom, creating a scene wherever they go.

When asking Camp Cook Lucy Lush where the business idea came from, she responded saying “Well this was originally Wynnie La Freak’s idea twenty years ago, she told me then that one day I was going to be part of it, and I went off and did drama school and did acting everywhere.

“Twenty years later, I’m back to Manchester, and… voila!”

“The business was all sorted, she imported this from America,” pointing to ‘Priscilla’, their Airstream, “and then we’ve done up the Airstream and all the works, of course, and with it we are off to doing different festivals and things like that.”

Upon asking whether they cater for festivals all over the UK or specifically to Scotland, Lucy told us “no, no, we do, we do Glastonbury, The Isle of Wight festival… and this year we’re actually off to a picnic in Ireland as well, we’re literally all over the place!”

We asked Lucy whether she finds the business sparks a lot of interest and positive feedback from the LGBTI communities, especially here in Scotland. She laughed and said “Well most definitely! As you can see, if you look up, we certainly make sure we fly the flag”, sure enough, a rainbow flag was proudly flapping in the wind next to Priscilla. “So we make sure we fly a rainbow flag at one side, and a pink union jack at the opposite side. We like to make sure everyone knows that we are definitely here.  Its a subtle and discreet message, know what I mean?”, she says flapping her eyelids.

Camp Cooks tell us they can fill your buns, with saucy delights; from light bites, like home made soup with a hunk of bread, and juicy hot dawgs, or Aunt Lucy’s vegetable curry, and if you’re after something big – well there’s belly fillers, like Jambalaya with chicken and smoked sausage.  To sweeten it all up you can top it off with Mini American pancakes with banana, yoghurt and Maple syrup, to name a few of the delights that await you.

Watch them in full camp action here:

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Jonathan James Leslie is a young journalist who enjoys writing about current LGBT affairs and events, he also regularly writes about home improvement, technology, traveling, health and food. Aside from journalism, Jonathan has had careers in both the hospitality and IT industries, Jonathan started working as a chef at the young age of fifteen and gained a good deal of knowledge surrounding food and health. Jonathan has also worked as a junior web developer giving him a reasonable understanding of technology and programming. Jonathan does however, also write short stories and is currently in the process of writing a gay-themed novel trilogy. He also enjoys spending time surfing Tumblr. He is also a freelancer, who writes blog posts and articles online. Outside the world of work, Jonathan is often seen around the bars in Glasgow, with his partner who is a chef.

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