Sunday , 26 January 2020

Cathleen’s Coming Out Story

Cathleen Lauder of KaleidoScot shares her story of coming out: “My coming-out to my family happened within the past seven months. I decided to do so by writing them all a letter. It took number of weeks to compose that letter and last few weeks leading-up to sending them out, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I could barely think, concentrate, or stay awake, due to the stress and worry of it, and also because I knew in my heart that whatever happens, I could no-longer live that lie to them about me being a male to female transsexual woman.

“Their reactions were all very different, but they are all being very supportive of me, they are still at various stages acceptance of my news, but I see it as my duty to them to help and support them as much as I can through all this. Why? Quite simply because I love them all so very much. My advice to anyone when you come-out is to, if you can, do so in a fashion that is both respectful and as easy as possible for yourself and to the people you are coming-out to.”

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