Friday , 27 May 2022

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Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

LGBTI activism, started by Ulrichs, is today a 149 years old

On the 29 August, 1867 LGBTI activism was born when a journalist and jurist publicly ...


  1. The youths tried to stone the transgender women to death.

    It is hard to believe a Muslim would do that.

  2. Perhaps you are unaware that muslims do not like uncovered women, transgendered, homosexuals … et al
    and stoning to death is common under Sharia.
    Lets send muslim refugees and imigrants to Saudi where they can visit Mecca every day. XXX

  3. STOP REWIND…..Since when did police begin releasing offenders religion when they get arrested. Chances they are anything but Muslim sexual deviants is probably 0.1 %.

    How then hell can Fiyaz Mughal come out with “spin stories like this are dangerous in the manner in which personal prejudices and perceptions creep in. They can seriously fracture relations on the basis of untruths that are regurgitated by press sources as one source cites another leading to untruths becoming facts.”
    When for the past few years Islams number one taqiyya artist Fiyaz Mughal has been doing exactly that in his attempts to defend Islam. He fabricated the levels of Islamophobic attacks to justify his groups existence and 100,000s of government funding. Even a high court judge stated this fact when he unsuccessfully tried suing The Telegraph after they exposed his ‘never ending cycle of violence’ claims as non existent and the majority of the anti Muslim hate attacks not even being a crime and little more than online name calling

  4. Turn this onto its head and read the continued hate and brutality against transgender women in the Bible Belt of the USA and you will realise that so called Christians commit far worse atrocities against trans people, “because their bible tells them it is OK to do this”.

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