Wednesday , 19 January 2022

Jonathan James Leslie

Jonathan James Leslie is a young journalist who enjoys writing about current LGBT affairs and events, he also regularly writes about home improvement, technology, traveling, health and food. Aside from journalism, Jonathan has had careers in both the hospitality and IT industries, Jonathan started working as a chef at the young age of fifteen and gained a good deal of knowledge surrounding food and health. Jonathan has also worked as a junior web developer giving him a reasonable understanding of technology and programming. Jonathan does however, also write short stories and is currently in the process of writing a gay-themed novel trilogy. He also enjoys spending time surfing Tumblr. He is also a freelancer, who writes blog posts and articles online. Outside the world of work, Jonathan is often seen around the bars in Glasgow, with his partner who is a chef.

Camp Cooks are out to fill your buns in Glasgow

Camp Cooks in action

If you’re about and about in Glasgow, make sure you swing by the Camp Cooks mobile ‘drag diner’ at the Merchant City Festival for delicious food and entertainment (comes as a package). With their Airstream, the Camp Cooks team say it is the star of their show. Wynnie La Freak, the Camp Cook’s head cook, was trained as a chef ...

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X and Y – A play that puts the T in LGBTI


X and Y is a play about a  transgender woman’s life chapter between the Commonwealth Games in 1986 in Edinburgh until the recent Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014. A brand new addition to the Scottish stage, X and Y tells the stories of another two LGBTI people from Jamaica and the Maldives, which are also Commonwealth countries. The first viewing ...

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Wee Man Neil makes graphic statement supporting gay community

The controvertial kiss

The Wee Man’s recently released music video for his satire-rap Parliamo Glasgow made a visual statement in clear support of the gay community, when filming a scene where two supporters of opposite ‘old firm’ teams came together as if to pick a fight which ended in a passionate embrace. A kiss nonetheless! The comical rap music video begins with Taggart’s ...

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Talking Heads – monologues through time


Talking Heads, a show made up of monologues written by Alan Bennett, set for television in the late 80’s, was revived at the Mitchell Theater in Glasgow between Wednesday 30th July and Saturday 2nd August. Each viewing of the show consisted of two monologues from A Chip In The Sugar, A Cream Cracker Under The Settee, Bed Among the Lentils ...

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Glasgow Games saluted for unparalleled message of LGBTI inclusivity

John Barrowman's gay kiss at the Commonwealth Games Ceremony

Rights campaigners praised the Glasgow Commonwealth Games for their inclusiveness and highlighting LGBTI rights. During games not only did the Scottish government fly the rainbow flag from St. Andrew’s House but the First Minister strongly back equality and inclusivity. In addition, during the opening ceremony of the games LGBTI rights were highlighted with the “Glasgow Kiss,” televised live throughout the ...

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Taking Pride in being part of a gay family

Nicola Page

What does Pride mean? People from all walks of life are becoming more and more involved in Pride events, including heterosexual couples, banks, political parties and religious groups. One straight person on the march this year was a lady named Nicola Hunter Page. I asked her a few questions about her background and what Pride means to her. I asked ...

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