Friday , 23 August 2019

Jeff Meek

Jeff Meek
Jeff is a social scientist and social and cultural historian at Glasgow University. His research to date has examined the experiences of gay and bisexual men in post-war Scotland, as well as tracing the history of same-sex desire from the 17th century to the late 20th century in Scotland.

Dating Apps, WCs, PCs, and the Rise and Fall of Cruising

A West End Cottage

Recent studies have suggested that LGBT-dating ‘apps’ have a significant effect on the way in which people interact or seek sexual or romantic partners. With the launch of your ‘app’; be it Gaydar or Grindr (amongst many others) you are presented with profiles, locations and concise biographies which set the parameters of potential assignations. In Australia the availability of these ...

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The Mystery of Marie alias John Campbell, Renfrew 1871

Auld Renfrew

A fog had descended over Renfrew, swept in by the brisk November winds. Dr Allison turned his collars up against the chill and peered through the gloom, spying the address on Pinkerton Lane where a patient lay prone. The doctor rapped firmly on the front door. Mrs Early, a tidy, middle-aged woman, opened the door and ushered the doctor in. ...

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William Merrilees and the War Against Homosexuality in 1930s Edinburgh


While the ‘queer’ life of cities in interwar Britain has attracted a volume of research, this has been overwhelmingly focused upon larger English urban centres. Yet, an absence of research on Scotland does not mean that Scottish towns and cities between the wars lacked a visible queer presence. Quite the opposite, as Edinburgh and Glasgow hosted thriving queer subcultures where ...

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Harry Whyte: The Gay Scot who Challenged Stalin

Whyte challenged Stalin's 1933 recriminalising male homosexuality

Harry Otter Whyte was a remarkable Scot who played an exception and little known role in homosexual rights in the Soviet union, challenging none other than Joseph Stalin himself. Harry Otter Whyte (1907-1960) is a name most Scots will be unfamiliar with. Yet Whyte, the son of a house painter from Edinburgh, occupies an interesting position in the homosexual rights movement, ...

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