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Cate Lauder

Cate Lauder
A graduate of Bournemouth University’s Scriptwriting for Film and Television course, a produced writer of 4 short films and a stage play. Edinbrugh based Cate is an all-rounder media lass, who has done just about everything in showbiz. She is also a transsexual woman, a lesbian, and notoriously cheeky.

To Kill a Machine in Need of a Heart

To Kill a Machine, a new full length play written by Welsh writer Catrin Fflur Huws about the life of Alan Turing.

Director: Angharad Lee

Scriptography Productions

Dress Rehearsal

May 5 2015

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01970 611106

Scriptography Productions’ To Kill a Machine written by Catrin Fflur Huws is a study of the life of Alan Turing – the man who broke the code for Nazi Germany’s Enigma encryption machine while working at Bletchley Park. However, his staggering life time of achievements quite rightfully took a backseat as it focused on the man behind all of that. ...

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Oscar Wilde Behind Bars

Wilde Without The Boy

Wilde Without the Boy is Director Gareth Armstrong’s intense dramatisation of Oscar Wilde’s famous letter, entitled ‘De Profundis’, to his on/off lover Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas, which was composed during his incarceration in Reading Prison and it stars Olivier Nominee Gerard Logan. The stage is sparse, bar a desk, two chairs and stationary. Wilde wears period smart casual attire, his ...

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Nice Girls, great songs, awkward script


  Behind the Line’s production of All the Nice Girls was a very charming show, with two great and charismatic leads in the shape of Ali Child and Rosie Wakley and fantastic songs with audience participation that tells the intriguing story of variety artists from a century ago to the time variety acts fell out of fashion around the 1940s. ...

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Trans Scripts Transcends Expectations

Trans Scripts (Pleasance Courtyard)

  My expectations and excitement before going into the review Trans Scripts, or – to give it it’s full title, Trans Scripts, Part I, The Women – were high to say the absolute least. But I was also very nervous, suspecting it might pander too much to a mainstream audience and skip over all of the key challenges faced by ...

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Bear Hug – Fun, promising farce

Bear Hug

Bear Hug is a gleefully old-fashioned, farce about sexuality in the 21st Century. Written by Rory Mackenzie and performed by Mermaids Performing Arts Fund, it is a smart and funny, with sharp performances, and many witty laugh out loud lines and moments. The basic plot revolves around the parents of shy university graduate Alex, and his fear of telling the ...

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KRD Strip: (and what) A Place to Stand!

KRD Strip

I really do not know where to start with this review, except state, right up front: that I came from a place of almost complete ignorance about what to except, even after getting a great wee interview speaking to those involved in the production (- which will be a later article). I know little about dance, and music, I know ...

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Shouldve been a Popstar – charmingly bitchy and funny

Stephen Bailey

Stephen Bailey is one of those camp, charmingly bitchy and very funny stand-up comedians. The sort, that despite his very filthy mind, you could happily take home to your parents. Mainly because he would join in with them in taking the piss out of you, as he ably demonstrates in his show Should’ve been a Popstar. His comedic style is very ...

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Belfast Boy – beautifully written and performed

Belfast Boy

Belfast Boy is a beautifully written and performed play based around the life of a caring and warm-hearted, yet deeply troubled, gay Irishman called Martin Hall, portrayed by Greg Fossard, who initially spent his childhood in Northern Ireland during the darker days of its more recent history before he and his family up-sticks to England. As we, the audience, get ...

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REVIEW: DIVE!: C U Next Tuesday Cabaret

DIVE! Cabaret

The show began fashionably late – as every self-respecting cabaret should. That only added to the audience’s feverish anticipation for it as Dive! is quickly becoming an institution in Edinburgh’s LGBTI+ nightlife. When compere Miss Annabel Sings opened the show, she capitalised on that buzz and stoked it further.  She was a superb ringmistress for her circus, and she also ...

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Queer highlights of Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Edinburgh Fringe

This year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival features fifty plus queer themed shows, KaleidoScot explores some of them for the LGBTI festival goers. Some of the highlights include contemporary dance with a genderqueer theme Boys Who Like to Play With Dolls (12th to 22nd August at DanceBase) that I set in “a world where masculinity and femininity are unrelated to male and female forms”. ...

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