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After BREXIT: Glasgow gets Neo-Nazi homophobic and racist stickers

Neo-Nazi StickersNeo-Nazi stickers with homophobic and racist messages have been spotted across Glasgow, following the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

Some stickers bore the title “no tolerance” with crossed over icons representing LGBTI people, people holding left wing ideas, drug users, along with swastikas.

Others had the slogan “white zone” with a white man saluting in a neo-Nazi fashion.

Eoin Palmer, a Green activist, who spotted the stickers, tweeted: “Neo-Nazi stickers have gone up all around the Clyde and Glasgow Green in the last few days. This breaks my heart.”

The stickers promoted the National Action, a Neo-Nazi youth group using extreme racist and homophobic hate messages. La Pasionaria, a statue on Glasgow’s Broomielaw commemorating volunteers from Scotland who died in the Spanish Civil War while fighting against fascism were also defiled by the stickers. Glasgow activists and local campaigners have already started taking down many of the stickers found on lampposts and replacing them with pro-LGBTI and refugees messages. Meanwhile there have been reports of racist behaviour in Glasgow with a man reported to have shouted “Slovaks go home, we voted you out”.

However one anti-fascist activist wrote on blog A Thousand Flowers that “It would be a mistake to attach too much significance to the actions of National Action.

“A fractured network of keyboard activists who scurry about putting stickers on lamp posts is not the sign of a strong far-right. But given the events of the last few days and the normalising of racist rhetoric around immigration it would be equally wrong to get too complacent.”

Although Scotland overwhelmingly opposed leaving the EU, the UK overall voted to leave, unleashing hate crime across the UK.

Vote Leave prioritised an anti-immigrant platform which is feared to have contributed to a rise in hate crimes with an increase in reported instances of racist or homophobic attacks. Reported hate crime has risen by 57% following the vote.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has previously stated that he does “not support same sex marriages all the while we’re under the auspices of the European court of human rights”, and in a televised debate last year said that migrants with HIV should be banned from entering Britain.

A group on Drury Lane, London, was reported to be singing “Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves. First we’ll get the Poles out, then the gays.”

Meanwhile Daily Mail columnist Dominic Lawson, who is the son of former Conservative chancellor and Brexit campaigner Nigel Lawson, made the shocking claim in a recent article, in which he argued that “the apparently unrelated matters” of EU withdrawal and same-sex marriage “are inextricably linked”.

An LGBTI rights activist, who asked to remain anonymous, told KaleidoScot that they felt Dominic Lawson was mistaken in his claim that same-sex marriage had any effect on the outcome of last week’s vote.

They said: “The kind of right-wing Tories likely to be attracted to a party with less than progressive views on LGBTI rights are unlikely to be pro-Europeans. It seems an utterly absurd suggestion that marriage equality could not only lead directly to a decision to leave the EU, but also be indirectly responsible for the social division, economic crisis and political fall-out that has followed.

“On the surface of it, it’s another attempt to blame LGBTI people for everything. We’ve seen all this before.”

They continued: “In the context of the reported increase in hate crime, which is very disturbing, to suggest such a cause seems not only wrong but also irresponsible at a time when calls for calm would be more appropriate. Those who feel a Leave vote entitles them to carry out hate crimes against the Polish and Muslim communities would in all probability not be too shy in extending their prejudices towards LGBTI people.”

Hate crime should always be reported. If you experience or witness a hate crime, please contact the police. Help and support can also be obtained from various organisations, for which information can be found on the Hate Crime Scotland website.

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Dan Littauer is a journalist who specializes in LGBTI current affairs, travel writing, feature writing and investigative journalism. He is a correspondent for LGBTQ Nation, ManAboutWorld, and previously worked for Gay Star News, PinkNews, San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, Gay Middle East, Lonely Planet as well as contributing occasionally to the BBC, Al-Jazeera, CNN and The Guardian. He also had an extensive career outside journalism, which included teaching psychoanalysis and social science, and consultancy work for the travel market. When he is not busy writing, he can be spotted rambling around the stunning Scottish landscape, where he lives, spending time at home with his cat.

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